Tips&TricksReviving your curtains: The grandma-approved trick using a bar of soap

Reviving your curtains: The grandma-approved trick using a bar of soap

Soaking curtains is a mandatory point of holiday preparations.
Soaking curtains is a mandatory point of holiday preparations.
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9:21 PM EST, December 16, 2023

Satin, linen, velvet, smooth, patterned — the options are vast. Curtains, being a favored interior accessory, confer a genuine hotel-like ambiance, and when hung on masking tape, they emphasize the length of the area.

Regrettably, dust, dirt, impurities, smog, and tobacco smoke attach themselves to the fabric. Therefore, regular cleaning of these materials is necessary, particularly if there are individuals suffering from allergies living in the house. So, how do you clean curtains without ruining them? A notable trick passed down from our grandmothers is all you need — a bar of soap.

Procedures for cleaning curtains

Curtains accumulate a significant amount of dirt. They call for regular washing, ideally every two to three months. If neglected, they morph into a haven for bacteria detrimental to health, notably in causing issues for allergy sufferers such as runny noses, sinus inflammation, or breathing difficulties.

Some curtains are crafted from very delicate fabrics, and we often consciously avoid washing them out of fear of damaging them. So, how do you wash curtains safely? Primarily, it's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions as provided on the label within the curtain.

Most can be washed in a washing machine. However, it's essential to remember to wash them at a calm temperature, not exceeding 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and not to stuff the machine too full. That way, you circumvent creasing the curtains. To eliminate harmful bacteria and mildly rejuvenate the color, include a package of baking soda with the wash.

Grandmother's ingenious hack to restoring curtains to original color

Wondering what to use to clean your curtains? Here's some disappointing news: many supermarket cleaning agents utilize potent chemicals that might ruin the delicate structure of your fabric. How do you avoid this? Recreate a vintage cleaning method of our grandmothers, who used to clean the curtains with soap flakes.

You don't require pre-made flakes. Instead, grate a bar of soap using a fine grater. You can add these to the powder section, and if you prefer to hand wash the curtains, combine 6 tablespoons of grated soap with a bowl of warm water and immerse the curtains in it. Let them soak for 2-3 hours. After washing, your curtains will be clean, soft, and emanate a fresh scent.

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