FoodReviving your blender: The surprising trick with aluminum foil for sharper blades

Reviving your blender: The surprising trick with aluminum foil for sharper blades

Aluminum foil balls in the blender
Aluminum foil balls in the blender
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3:12 PM EST, February 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered how to sharpen blender blades? Thankfully, many solutions don't involve replacing the blades or the entire device. This ingenious trick gained traction after internet users started sharing their experiences with the aluminum foil method on social media. I tried it myself once and, quite frankly, was astonished by the result.

Using aluminum foil for blade sharpening: an innovative blender trick

Aluminum foil can make a substantial difference in maintaining your blender's efficiency and durability. It's no secret that the blades of these devices tend to dull significantly over time. Although they are designed from modern, durable materials, wear and tear is inevitable. At some point, everybody deals with a blender that isn't performing up to par.

Professionally sharpening these blades is usually impossible. In most instances, you find yourself contemplating investing in new equipment. Occasionally, there might be an option to replace the faulty part, but this isn't always the case. It's recommended to check whether the manufacturer accommodates replacements of operationally worn parts before purchasing a blender. However, try the following trick before rendering the entire device or its blades redundant.

Sharpening blender blades using aluminum foil

Aluminum foil becomes quite resourceful when your blender falls short of its functions. All you need to do is roll multiple sheets of aluminum foil into small balls and put them in the blender jug or any other container. Subsequently, switch on the device and blend the aluminum foil balls at a slower speed. You'll notice that the blades turn as good as new after a while. This handy tip for sharpening blender blades garnered significant popularity on social media.

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