Tips&TricksReviving time-proven money-saving tips: A lesson from our grandmothers in the age of consumerism

Reviving time-proven money-saving tips: A lesson from our grandmothers in the age of consumerism

Grandmother's ways to save money without depriving oneself.
Grandmother's ways to save money without depriving oneself.
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8:59 PM EST, December 17, 2023

The word 'saving' is often equated with limitation, given that saving usually entails some sacrifices. However, this isn't entirely accurate, because all it truly means is wisely setting money aside. Drastic reductions to the household budget are rarely beneficial. It's more important to discern where to cut back and where to spend.

Initiating the saving process

Our grandmothers and mothers, who often lived without many luxuries, were accustomed to budgeting every penny they earned. It's understandable, considering they had to grow up, and live, during challenging times. Our current reality isn't that different. Many people find it difficult to carefully plan their expenses. While conserving water and energy is essential, how should we manage the remaining money?

We find ourselves in an era of consumerism, where everything that was previously out of reach for our ancestors is now easily accessible. Therefore, many people, when needing something, simply purchase it immediately. Moreover, we are consistently barraged with variegated advertising and promotions, which may not necessarily be valuable, but can be difficult to resist. A lack of planned spending is the nemesis of saving, and yet it's possible to save money without having to compromise.

Effective methods of saving

We often overlook how minor adjustments in our lifestyle can yield significant savings. It's easy to forget that we can acquire or do things at a lower cost in different areas of our lives. The first step towards saving lies in our clothes shopping habits, especially with prices escalating. Women in the past often sewed or mended their clothes to save money. Nowadays, visiting a thrift store can score us trendy and distinct finds at a fraction of the cost, resulting in significant savings.

The same mindset can be applied to other items or gadgets that malfunction. Instead of quickly disposing of them, it's often more beneficial to repair them. Discarding something that can still be fixed is wasteful. A useful tip when shopping is to think critically before purchasing an item - is it really necessary? Impulsive buying and shopping for pleasure not only leads to financial difficulties, but can also pave the way to developing a shopping addiction.

While shopping, it's a smart move to buy more products at lower prices in one go. The same principle applies to buying food and cooking meals yourself. This way, you can prepare delicious meals for multiple days in advance. This category also includes household cleaning products, which can be quite expensive. A clever workaround is to make homemade cleaning products with items readily available at home.

Saving money does not necessarily require giving up pleasures.
Saving money does not necessarily require giving up pleasures.© Freepik
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