Tips&TricksReviving potted plants with simple watering trick: It's easier than you think

Reviving potted plants with simple watering trick: It's easier than you think

The man is watering a plant in a pot.
The man is watering a plant in a pot.
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5:11 AM EST, February 4, 2024, updated: 4:22 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Often, expensive fertilizers yield the opposite result than what's anticipated, implying that our potted plants, instead of flourishing, are dwindling. We then desperately seek a miraculous antidote that will revive them without escalating our expenses. You don't need to resort to costly potions; a simple trick before watering with pure water can do wonders.

Why don't potted plants flourish?

The reasons could be numerous, but the prosperous growth of potted plants primarily depends on our care. Adequate exposure to light, fertilizing, re-planting, pruning, and even wiping the leaves constitute the basic care routine we mustn't overlook. If despite our efforts, home plants are wilting, turning brown, ceasing growth, or developing spots on their leaves, then it's undoubtedly time for intervention.

You might assume that this would entail a significant amount of work and money. However, that's a misconception. Potted plants principally require one type of treatment, irrespective of their species. Watering is the key to success, but it involves more than just pouring water into the soil. If that's all you're doing, the plants won't regain their health. Many gardeners struggle with the compact soil issue in house plants, which restricts the nutrients from reaching the plants. Loosening the soil, however, is a straightforward process.

Implement this with potted plants before watering, and you'll see welcoming surprises!

Everything you'll need for this process is likely already in your kitchen cabinet. Surely, you have at least one box of toothpicks or other sharp sticks readily available. The compact soil in potted plants that repel water can be quickly managed with these. With this trick, the plants will rapidly absorb the nourishing liquid, positively influencing their growth. So, before you pick up that watering can, grab a few toothpicks.

Gently poke the soil in the pot about 2 inches deep, but be careful not to damage the plant roots. This method will swiftly aerate the soil and enhance the water flow during watering. This toothpick method is non-invasive and works perfectly on all house plants. Only when the soil is loosened prior to watering, can the plants receive proper care. And they will soon show their gratitude.

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