LifestyleRevive your white socks. Simple household solutions that work

Revive your white socks. Simple household solutions that work

How to whiten socks?
How to whiten socks?
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12:58 PM EDT, April 28, 2024

Have you ever pulled white socks from the washer only to find they look like they haven't been washed? If you want them to regain their original snow-white color, a homemade solution can work wonders. The outcome will likely exceed your expectations.

White socks easily attract dirt; over time, they begin to pill, giving them a heavily worn appearance even after washing. Unfortunately, specialized laundry detergents claiming to whiten often fall short regarding tough stains.

Before you replace worn-looking socks with new ones, try a homemade rinse aid. It's astonishingly effective against the most stubborn stains.

How to clean white socks without expensive whiteners

White fabrics are notoriously prone to staining. Over time, they can turn yellow or gray. In such cases, many of us turn to expensive detergents or bleach, hoping to restore their pristine condition.

Instead of using bleach, which can cause allergies and headaches, consider natural yet equally effective alternatives. Baking soda and vinegar are common kitchen staples that double as excellent cleaning agents. They're perfect for polishing, descaling, disinfecting, and, most importantly, whitening.

White socks turned gray? Try this household tip

To effectively clean white socks, prepare a rinse to whiten and disinfect the fabric. This is particularly beneficial if someone in your home struggles with sweaty feet. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to at least a quarter gallon of warm water in a basin. Increase the amount for tougher stains. Soak the socks for at least half an hour before washing them in the machine. Once dry, the socks will be clean and brilliantly white.

Lacking baking soda? Vinegar works just as well. Mix a cup of vinegar with a quarter gallon of warm water and soak the socks in the solution. After 30 minutes, wash them in the machine. Don't fret over the vinegar smell; it disappears post-wash.

Whitening socks? The eggshell trick

While baking soda and vinegar are effective, eco-friendly cleaning agents, eggshells offer an alternative whitening solution. It might sound unusual, but eggshells can whiten socks thanks to their natural properties.

To use eggshells for whitening, place clean shells in a mesh bag—similar to those used for washing delicate items—and then place it in the washing machine. Run your usual cycle. After drying, the socks will appear significantly whiter.

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