Tips&TricksRevive your induction cooktop. Discover the effective, eco-friendly cleaning method

Revive your induction cooktop. Discover the effective, eco‑friendly cleaning method

How to clean an induction plate with a lemon
How to clean an induction plate with a lemon

2:48 PM EST, January 12, 2024

You don't have to resort to harsh, corrosive chemicals to make your cooktop pristine and shiny again, nor do you expose yourself to harmful vapors. Also, your hands will be safe. Embrace natural, eco-friendly, and super-economical home remedies, and they will turn into your go-to solution! Why? Because you won't even feel tired after using them, and will easily achieve the desired outcome - no hours of scrubbing required. Simple, quick, and effective - what can be better?

Cleaning an induction cooktop using a homemade method

There's no need for costly commercial chemicals or specialized cleaning equipment. Just two common kitchen ingredients will do the trick: half a lemon and some baking soda. This combination will tackle even the most challenging, dried-on dirt with ease.

Start by squeezing some lemon juice onto the surface of your dirty induction cooktop.

Dip half a lemon into some baking soda poured into a wide, flat bowl. The baking soda will adhere to the lemon, creating an effective cleaning tool.

Next, wipe the cooktop with this lemon-baking soda "device" in gentle but thorough, circular motions. You'll notice it foams up - this is normal, and signifies that the cleaning mixture is working as intended.

Finally, use a paper towel to wipe away the mix and the dissolved dirt. And there you have it! You probably didn't expect the results to be so striking!

If your induction cooktop isn't particularly dirty and just needs a quick freshen up, you can simplify the process even further. Simply skip the step of dipping the lemon in baking soda - the lemon juice alone will suffice.

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