AutosRevival of an icon: Opel's electric twist to the beloved Frontera set for a 2024 launch

Revival of an icon: Opel's electric twist to the beloved Frontera set for a 2024 launch

New Opel model - announcement
New Opel model - announcement
Images source: © Press materials | Opel
11:30 AM EST, January 24, 2024

The Frontera, having achieved near-cult status, is a familiar name to many. Recognized as a robust off-roader grounded in Isuzu design, it achieved notable popularity throughout Europe in the 90s. Nevertheless, its reign came to an end in 2004 along with the second-generation model, leaving fans waiting 20 years for the third generation.

Opel has announced the unveiling of the new Frontera in 2024. True to its lineage, it will continue to be an SUV, but with a significant twist—it's entirely electric. This provides Germany with the opportunity to engage in the increasingly popular and crowded market of electric vehicles.

Judging from the graphics published online, it's clear that the new Frontera is designed to be a homage to its predecessors. This is suggested by its distinctive, angular design complemented by generous glazing.

Interestingly, Frontera will showcase the brand's new logo, exclusive to their electric car line. The exact look of the logo remains to be unveiled.

We anticipate more detailed information about this intriguing model and are eager to discover when the official premiere is scheduled. However, we already know that this won't be the only exciting development from Opel in the SUV segment. A new Grandland is also on the company's agenda.

New Opel Frontera - Announcement
New Opel Frontera - Announcement© Press materials
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