Tips&TricksRevitalize your orchids with homemade tomato-based fertilizer: the easy and effective solution

Revitalize your orchids with homemade tomato-based fertilizer: the easy and effective solution

The orchid needs appropriate fertilizer.
The orchid needs appropriate fertilizer.
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2:55 PM EST, February 13, 2024

How can one coax an orchid into bloom? This is a common question among people who are eager to help their plant regain its vitality following the winter season. Orchids without flowers are just not as attractive. To stimulate the plant’s development, consider using a tomato fertilizer. Acting as a natural growth stimulant, this fertilizer can bring about impressive results. Thanks to this treatment, your orchid could be in full bloom within a matter of weeks.

How to care for orchids

Before embarking on the journey of growing an orchid, ensure you can create the right environment for it. This plant is high-maintenance; a simple misstep such as placing it in a poor location can lead to the loss of all its flowers. Orchids need bright, diffused light, high temperatures, humid air, and nutrient-rich soil to thrive. Watering alone is insufficient because orchids are parasitic and require being supplemented with additional nutrients. Instead of store-bought feed, it is recommended to use tomato fertilizer, which offers everything an orchid needs.

Creating homemade orchid food is incredibly easy and inexpensive. With just a single tomato and approximately 1.3 cups of water, you can prepare the fertilizer. Simply blend the tomato and mix it with water, then strain the resultant mixture. Your homemade tomato fertilizer is now ready to use.

How to apply homemade orchid fertilizer

The feeding process for orchids can vary depending on the variety. However, a universally ideal time to apply the fertilizer is when a new leaf or flower starts developing. This typically happens in the warmer months, as the plant responds to improved conditions by coming out of its winter dormancy. But it’s not necessary to wait for new growth. If your orchid is in a severe state of neglect, begin fertilization as soon as possible.

There are two ways to use the tomato fertilizer. The first method is to water the plant with the mixture, and the second is to soak a cloth in the liquid and wipe the orchid leaves. Apply the fertilizer every fortnight until the plant's condition improves visibly and it begins to produce new leaves and flowers.

Benefits of tomato fertilizer

Natural orchid fertilizer like the one prepared from tomatoes has numerous benefits, courtesy of the vital nutrients it contains. Tomatoes are incredibly rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins A and C. Watering orchids with this nutritionally-rich mixture will stimulate the rapid production of new leaves and flowers. However, remember that solely using this feed will not ensure the orchid’s good health. Consistent and prudent care is quintessential for the plant to thrive and bloom.

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