FoodRevitalize your home. Innovative ways to repurpose coffee grounds

Revitalize your home. Innovative ways to repurpose coffee grounds

Coffee grounds don't have to end up in the trash!
Coffee grounds don't have to end up in the trash!
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2:13 PM EDT, April 27, 2024

Many of us begin our days with a steaming cup of coffee, only to find we've consumed several more by evening. This routine leaves us with many coffee grounds, often hastily discarded as waste. However, these grounds hold more potential than meets the eye and can be repurposed in numerous ways around your home. Below are a few innovative ideas for giving your coffee grounds a second life.

Whether your brewing method involves an espresso machine or paper filters, the aftermath always includes disposing of the coffee grounds. While they can't be reused for brewing, sending them straight to the trash isn’t the only option. Embracing a zero-waste approach, coffee grounds, regardless of the bean type, can still serve a purpose in your kitchen, garden, or even as part of your beauty routine.

Practical uses for coffee grounds

Eradicating unpleasant odors. Coffee grounds are excellent for absorbing foul smells. Dry them thoroughly before placing them in a breathable bag or container. This trick works wonders for freshening up fridges and shoes. Leaving a bag in your shoes overnight can eliminate tough odors. Additionally, rubbing grounds on your hands after chopping garlic or onion can remove persistent scents due to their gentle, abrasive nature.

A homemade exfoliating scrub. Combine grounds with warm water, olive, or coconut oil to create a natural body scrub. For an enhanced exfoliating effect, add coarse salt. This mixture promotes firmer skin and aids in shedding dead skin cells.

As a plant fertilizer, steep 1-2 teaspoons of ground in a cup of water to create a nutritious drink for your plants. After the grounds have expanded, stir the mixture and water your plants promptly. This homemade fertilizer is especially beneficial for orchids, ferns, and African violets, though it should be applied sparingly, no more than once every couple of weeks.

You are creating an eco-friendly scouring pad. Coffee grounds can also be a natural abrasive, perfect for crafting a biodegradable cleaning pad. Encase them in gauze to scrub away stubborn grease and grime from kitchenware without fear of scratches. For enhanced cleaning power, combine them with your regular dishwashing liquid.

They are deterring pests. The pungent aroma of coffee grounds, particularly those from an espresso machine, is an effective repellent for ants and fruit flies. Place a bowl or saucer of grounds near fruit or other susceptible areas to keep these pests at bay during warmer months when they're most active.

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