Tips&TricksRevitalize your blender with this surprising aluminum foil hack

Revitalize your blender with this surprising aluminum foil hack

Food wrap in a blender. Why does this make sense?
Food wrap in a blender. Why does this make sense?
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8:22 PM EDT, May 4, 2024

Did you realize that blending aluminum foil can actually be a clever trick? Surprisingly, it's true, and armed with this tip, your blender can feel brand new once more. You really ought to give it a try. We'd be thrilled to see your reaction upon discovering how ingenious this tactic is!

Before you jump to the conclusion that we're advocating for wasteful extravagance, understand that grinding aluminum foil in your blender isn't a random, dangerous experiment from the depths of TikTok. Culinary innovation has its bounds, and this idea might seem to leap far beyond them. However, this method is more logical than it initially appears. Let's explore why it's worth considering every so often.

Revitalize your blender

It's no secret that frequent blender use leads to the gradual dulling of its blades. Over time, they struggle more with processing ingredients, signaling a need for sharpening. This realization might leave many wondering how exactly one sharpens blender blades.

Before you rush off in a panic to an expensive professional service, consider a simple, cost-effective solution you can do at home. You need an abrasive, much like a sharpening stone. You might be surprised by what you can use.

Food wrap sharpens your blender. It will be like new.
Food wrap sharpens your blender. It will be like new.© Canva | grenme

Among the popular methods for sharpening blender blades are ice cubes (combined with half a cup of water and a drop of dish soap), uncooked rice grains, or... aluminum foil. Just roll the chosen material into small balls, toss them into the blender, and blend on low speed for a minute. Afterward, your blender's blades will be sharp and the appliance will seem rejuvenated!

Exploring both sides of aluminum foil

Let's take a moment to delve into the nuances of aluminum foil, which is the highlight of our discussion. Did you know the side you use can significantly impact its effectiveness? Let’s clarify this. A closer look reveals that aluminum foil has a smooth and shiny side, while the reverse is matte. The shiny side is designed to reflect heat, whereas the matte side better absorbs it, allowing heat to penetrate.

That’s the rationale behind wrapping food with the shiny side inward when baking. Conversely, the shiny side should face outward when wrapping a cooked meal to keep it fresher for longer.

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