Tips&TricksRevealed: Hairstyles that add years to your look - tips for over fifties to avoid ageing mistakes

Revealed: Hairstyles that add years to your look - tips for over fifties to avoid ageing mistakes

Hairstyles that add years
Hairstyles that add years
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5:24 AM EST, January 30, 2024

Women over fifty often struggle with appearance-related issues. Although they might feel youthful at heart, their facial appearance may not hold the same pristine allure it did 20 years ago. Consequently, any decision related to changing hairstyles should be thoroughly thought through. A wrong choice of color or style could potentially add years to your look! Certain hairstyles are better avoided as they could make even the most stunning women appear older.

Hairstyles that Age You

Often, mature women decide to cut their hair short. The reasons can vary - some prefer convenience, while others consider it time for a change. Although short hair can be charming, it often ages the wearer and can also be difficult to style. Short hair particularly suits women with soft features, devoid of prominent marks or strong facial features, as this hairstyle exposes the full face.

Another style that tends to add years is the afro and perm. These curly hairstyles were in vogue during the PRL era but are rarely chosen today. An extreme transition from long to short afro-style hair can have an aging effect. Additionally, beware of extremely long hair. After turning 50, hair tends to thin, making the ends of long hair appear wispy and sparse. To avoid a frail appearance, it's advisable to consider a shorter, well-maintained hairstyle.

Simplicity is Key

As we age, overly styled hairdos like sleek buns, backcombing, or added embellishments should be avoided. Retro-style updos can lend a severe look as they expose the face fully, highlighting wrinkles and imperfections. Switching to looser styles, with strands left free, adds a delicate touch and can make us appear years younger.

What about color? Over the years, many women have dyed their hair primarily to cover graying hair. While selecting the color, we advise against extremes like black, dark brown, or contrasting platinum. Subdued, natural shades of brown and blonde are safer choices. It's crucial to remember, however, that choosing a hairstyle is a matter of personal preference. If you're confident that a certain style suits you, you need not relinquish it. One person's aging hairstyle could potentially suit someone else perfectly!

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