LifestyleRevamping your vegetable salad. A lighter and healthier twist

Revamping your vegetable salad. A lighter and healthier twist

Fit Mayonnaise - Deliciousness
Fit Mayonnaise - Deliciousness
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6:19 AM EST, November 11, 2023

The revered vegetable salad has long-held precedence at parties and holidays, reigning supreme over all other salads. However, the addition of copious amounts of mayonnaise often results in a heavy dish. I am here to share a recipe modification that alleviates this heaviness without compromising on taste.

The vegetable salad holds a very special place in my heart. It invokes cherished memories of time spent with my grandmother, who would prepare this enormous dish for every major event. Initially, everyone would wonder if they could possibly finish such a hefty bowl, but it would inevitably disappear. Though I still use this recipe for festive occasions, my preference has shifted towards a lighter version. Rather than using a traditional mayonnaise, I opt for a healthier dressing prepared from quark. It's just as delicious while being far lighter due to its lower fat content.

The best vegetables for a salad

The saying goes that there are as many vegetable salad recipes as there are households. Some might add peas; others meticulously pick them out of their servings. Occasionally, a grated sour apple is added to the mix as a fresh twist.

Vegetable Salad - Delicacies
Vegetable Salad - Delicacies© Canva | Dar1930

Typically, a vegetable salad comprises cooked carrots, potatoes, parsley root, celery, and eggs. These are accompanied by pickled cucumbers, apples, and canned peas, all mixed in with mayonnaise and mustard.

A healthier mayonnaise

To make my favorite salad less heavy, I prepare a faux mayonnaise sauce. This alternate version is lighter and healthier because it's made primarily of quark, an excellent source of protein.


  • 1.1 lb of quark,
  • Two teaspoons of Dijon mustard,
  • One egg,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper.

Method of preparation:

  1. Drain the excess moisture from the quark and transfer it to a bowl.
  2. Add Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper to it and blend.
  3. Hard-boil the egg, peel it, and while still warm, cut it into cubes.
  4. Add it to the blended quark and blend until a dense and creamy sauce forms.

This quark-based sauce is an excellent enhancement for vegetable salad and other mayonnaise-based salads. It can also be used as a sandwich spread or as a dip for chicken. It's healthy, tasty, and effortless to prepare. Do note that it doesn't contain preservatives and won't last as long in the fridge–I typically consume it within a maximum of five days. Enjoy!

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