LifestyleRevamping your hair care routine: The secret power of keratin and spirulina spray

Revamping your hair care routine: The secret power of keratin and spirulina spray

Revamping your hair care routine: The secret power of keratin and spirulina spray
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3:28 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:42 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Up until now, if your hair care regime only consisted of shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks, it could use an upgrade. Your beauty routine should incorporate additional products like a hair scrub, essential oils for hair tips, and a refreshing spray. If chosen wisely, the latter can instantly tame thin or fluffy tresses and add volume to your hairstyle wherever needed. However, it's crucial to first ascertain your type of hair and its needs before selecting care ingredients based on these findings. Liquid keratin is a good option to achieve strong, dense, yet smooth and glossy hair.

What is keratin for hair?

Our hair comprises various elements, such as a shaft or root, which ends in a bulb and is positioned in a hair follicle beneath the skin surface. The major component of hair, constituting about 80 percent, is called keratin. This protein comprises several amino acids, including sulfur-rich cysteine and methionine. These components can form bonds that determine hair elasticity and resistance to damage.

Hair becomes dry and weak When it undergoes various styling treatments like coloring, straightening, etc. That's when hair care products that contain liquid keratin come to the rescue, acting as a protective shield. With its usage, you can fill the protein gap in your hair, improving its appearance. However, one must not excessively use keratin as it can make the hair strands stiff and rough.

A spray that combines keratin and spirulina

Although keratin is a highly stimulating substance, it doesn't carry a pleasant smell. Thankfully, beauty product manufacturers ensure a balance between effectiveness and user satisfaction. Hence, a spray was created that comprises not only keratin but also spirulina. This beneficial algae is rich in protein, biotin, vitamins, and chlorophyll. Thanks to these trustworthy additives, your hair roots can be fortified, the volume can be increased at the base, and even the hair growth speed can be heightened. The volume gained this way is safe for your hair - there's no need to worry that using a hair-thickening spray will ruin your hair's smoothness.

How to apply the keratin spray?

The spray offers a handy way to apply keratin. You only need to spritz the product on damp hair and dry it. If you blow-dry or straighten your hair, the spray will protect your strands and ends. The heat from the blow dryer will aid in integrating the 'keratin bricks' into the hair structure, providing the hairstyle with resilience and shine. The spray can also be used on dry hair, for instance, when your hair needs immediate nourishment and restoration. If required, mix a little spray with your shampoo or conditioner, then spritz your hair again when it's damp. This will ensure your hair becomes hugely sleek and glistening.

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