Tips&TricksRetired Monk stitches stunning Mendeleev table. A 20-year masterpiece of over a million stitches

Retired Monk stitches stunning Mendeleev table. A 20‑year masterpiece of over a million stitches

The monk embroidered the Mendeleev's table.
The monk embroidered the Mendeleev's table.
Images source: © Facebook | BrMartin Sellner

10:53 AM EST, December 13, 2023

Embroidery is an art form that has roots in ancient times. It involves embellishing fabrics using needles and thread either by hand or machine. Although time-consuming, the results are invariably breathtaking and rewarding, causing an uptick in its popularity as a hobby.

Six years into his retirement, Sellner embarked on an extraordinary project that would marry his two passions-- embroidery and chemistry. Over the span of 20 years, he meticulously stitched the Mendeleev table, an expansive piece that boasts over a million stitches. His final creation left observers worldwide in awe.

Embroidering the Mendeleev table, a task of monumental proportions, took Sellner 20 years to complete.

Prior to his commitment to the church, Sellner was a chemistry teacher with a deep-seated passion for the subject. On his retirement, he sought a new hobby and found embroidery quite appealing. His first venture, however, was no small feat. The task of embroidering the Mendeleev table, a complete representation of the periodic table of elements, spanned an incredible 20 years.

The project demanded a great deal of patience and dedication, but Sellner remained undeterred. Each day, he painstakingly stitched a new section of the table. The final piece, a magnificent tapestry featuring over a million stitches, sparked joy in Sellner, hinting that he has no plans to stop at just one creation.

Sellner spent six years embroidering just the frame

He took to Facebook to share the fruits of his labor. Sellner revealed that creating the border alone was a six-year endeavor. Much of the work was completed during the pandemic in 2020. His post quickly gathered momentum, securing over 5,000 likes and sparking engaging conversations. Over 400 people left comments filled with praises such as "That's an amazing talent," "Thank you for sharing this exceptional work," and "Oh, he's my chemistry teacher," just to mention a few.

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