NewsRetaliation strikes occupier's Melitopol headquarters. Panic unleashed

Retaliation strikes occupier's Melitopol headquarters. Panic unleashed

Location of the partisan attack in Melitopol
Location of the partisan attack in Melitopol
Images source: © HUR

8:08 PM EST, November 12, 2023

On Sunday, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR) reported on Telegram that partisans successfully detonated the occupier's headquarters in Melitopol, a city in the Zaporizhia region of southern Ukraine currently occupied by Russian forces. The explosion resulted in the death of at least three officers.

The local resistance movement planned and executed the explosion, described as a "retaliation action". The attack happened on Saturday evening, during a meeting attended by FSB and Rosgvardia officers at the headquarters.

The partisans planted an explosive charge in the New Post building, which had been commandeered as the main quarters by the Russians.

"A state of panic prevailed in Melitopol following the attack. Numerous police officers arrived at the scene with sirens blaring. Subsequently, they towed a burnt vehicle from near the headquarters through the occupied city to their precinct," reported GUR.

Another attack on Russians

On Friday, the Ukrainian military intelligence reported another attack close to the occupied Crimea. Two Russian landing ships, transporting personnel and armored vehicles, were targeted and hit. The affected vessels were of the Serna class, a model previously used to transport equipment and troops to Snake Island, presently under occupation.

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