LifestyleRescue your recipes: How to fix bitter poppy seeds

Rescue your recipes: How to fix bitter poppy seeds

What to do when poppy seed is bitter?
What to do when poppy seed is bitter?
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2:33 PM EST, November 28, 2023

Even the most meticulously prepared cake can be ruined by the taste of bitter poppy seeds. However, bitter seeds are not an insurmountable problem as long as they haven't gone rancid. They can actually be improved with simple homemade methods. Let's explore the foolproof trick among the best housewives to rescue bitter poppy seeds.

When you're preparing a dish in which poppy seeds play a central role, remember that its final flavor is determined by your choices at the grocery store. It's there, by selecting the right seeds, that you have control over the quality of your dish. Hence, it's vital to consider certain key aspects when buying poppy seeds. If you ever have to deal with bitter poppy seeds in your cooking, we have some suggestions on how to eliminate their unpleasant aftertaste.

How do you determine if the poppy seeds are of good quality?

If it's possible, taste the poppy seeds before buying them. The taste should be somewhat enjoyable and mildly sweet but not overly intense. Keep in mind to avoid purchasing damp poppy seeds. Moreover, look at how they are stored in the store. Any signs of mold or an off-putting musty scent should raise alarms. The same guidelines hold true for pre-packaged products.

What to do if the poppy seed has a bitter aftertaste?
What to do if the poppy seed has a bitter aftertaste?© Pexels | Castorly Stock

What should be done if the poppy seeds taste bitter?

Bitter poppy seeds have the potential to ruin the flavor of any dish. To avert this situation, there are a few details to keep in mind while cooking. Take the time to thoroughly rinse the seeds in cold water. Give them around 15 minutes to absorb the water. Afterwards, drain the seeds using a sieve that's lined with cheesecloth.

A proven method to eliminate bitter undertones from poppy seeds involves soaking them in hot milk beforehand. Let the seeds luxuriate in the warm liquid for about 15 minutes before draining. What if the seeds still taste bitter after these treatments? Repeat the hot milk method (up to three times) or even try soaking the seeds in a combination of both milk and water.

It's crucial to let the poppy seeds sit for several hours in a warm spot after cooking, so they absorb moisture. Remember that you can reduce the bitterness during the grinding stage by adding cream or honey, both ingredients are known to perfectly neutralize a bitter aftertaste. However, if the seeds persist with their bitter taste despite your efforts, it's likely they're rancid and therefore not fit for consumption.

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