NewsRescue of the loneliest sheep. Two years trapped under a cliff in Scotland

Rescue of the loneliest sheep. Two years trapped under a cliff in Scotland

Sheep Fiona
Sheep Fiona
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4:23 PM EST, November 6, 2023

A sheep named Fiona, who spent more than two years trapped at the foot of Scottish cliffs, was rescued last Saturday. The location of her new abode has sparked contestations. Animal rights advocates are concerned about her becoming a "spectacle".

Fiona, the Scottish sheep, made headlines last month when her challenging situation was first noticed by Brora resident Jill Turner. During a kayaking trip in the Cromarty Firth Bay, she happened upon the sheep - a discovery that was all the more disturbing as it was a déjà vu; she had seen Fiona in exactly the same spot two years prior. Despite her efforts to marshal aid for Fiona, her attempts were futile.

News of the trapped sheep invigorated the media, branding her as the "loneliest sheep in Great Britain." An online petition to save her gathered an impressive 52,000 signatures. The rescue operation was carried out last Saturday morning, under the stewardship of Cammy Wilson, a sheep shearer from Ayrshire County and presenter of the BBC program "Landward". A crew of five people and a winch that hoisted the sheep up an 820-foot cliff contributed to the successful rescue.

Fiona was intended to reside at Descone Farm. This proposal, however, was met with stiff resistance from animal rights defenders. The activists feared that Fiona would be exploited for monetary gains and turn into a spectacle. On Sunday, a peaceful demonstration was hosted by the Animal Rising organization. "We want Fiona to find a home in a tranquil setting, not to be shoehorned into a small zoo," voiced the organization's spokesperson, as quoted by the BBC.

The farm staff and family members at Descone Farm felt "intimidated" by protesters who hovered drones over their property and displayed "Free Fiona" signs, according to a video posted on Facebook by a farmer from Descone Farm. The farmer assured them that their intent was to offer Fiona a five-star home. The farm planned to first house her separately, and then gradually integrate her with other animals under veterinary supervision.

Currently, the decision about Fiona’s future residence is on hold. As reported by the BBC, she will reside in an undisclosed location until the dispute over her permanent home is resolved.

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