FoodReplace bread in your diet for weight loss: Nutritionists offer viable substitutes

Replace bread in your diet for weight loss: Nutritionists offer viable substitutes

What can replace bread in the diet?
What can replace bread in the diet?
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11:57 AM EST, February 9, 2024

Nutritionists often caution us on the frequent consumption of bread. Despite its historical presence in our meals since the earliest times, today's wheat quality leaves a lot to be desired due to its high contamination levels. Far from being satisfying or nutritious, many are now eschewing bread in a bid to shed a few pounds. So, is it possible to replace it in our diet? Absolutely. Let's disclose some of the best bread substitutes.

Want to slim down your waistline? Minimize your carb intake

Bread forms the cornerstone of diets across the world. Universally consumed at every meal - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - the common choice tends to be wheat bread. Yet, it's a primary provider of empty calories. While bread does offer a momentary feeling of fillness, it is sadly ephemeral as products made from white flour are digested rapidly.

Bread is a significant source of carbohydrates, invariably leading to weight gain. Additionally, gluten intolerance is increasingly becoming an issue for many people. Symptoms such as bloating, rashes, or skin blemishes are common. As a result, nutritional experts advise excluding bread from our diets. So, how do we substitute bread in our meals? The solution may be easier than anticipated.

How can one replace bread in their diet?

The ketogenic diet pushes for a limited intake of carbohydrates. Within a few days of adopting such a diet, the body starts to dip into its fat reserves. Consequently, metabolism significantly speeds up, leading to noticeable fat tissue loss. This particular diet has garnered popularity among dieticians, but all agree that abandoning bread poses a noteworthy hurdle.

So, what can be a viable replacement? Consider vegetables, legumes (like lentils and chickpeas), nuts, and seeds. For instance, a slice of bread can be easily substituted with a slab of bell pepper, cucumber or avocado. This type of sandwich not only gives you an energy boost but also supplies valuable nutrients. You could even venture further - try baking bread with various seeds. All you would need are flax, sunflower, hazelnuts, oat flakes, chia, and plantago ovata seeds. This homemade bread stays fresh for up to 5 days and keeps you sated for extended periods.

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