LifestyleRenowned makeup artist exposes the harm in media's beauty standards on TikTok

Renowned makeup artist exposes the harm in media's beauty standards on TikTok

Makeup can change the entire face.
Makeup can change the entire face.
Images source: © TikTok | bennetnorthen
3:02 PM EST, January 3, 2024

Bennet Northen, a renowned makeup artist with nearly 70 thousand followers on TikTok, recently stirred conversations with a video that prompted reflections on makeup and its promotion. According to her, how women appear on camera does not mirror their real-life appearance. Using herself as a model, she demonstrates various makeup techniques and discusses each one.

The makeup that doesn't translate to real life

As we scroll through photos on social media, we often encounter images of women with perfect skin, long lashes, and sharply defined cheekbones. Some may claim it's their natural look, but the truth is that many of them use heavy makeup that completely alters their facial features. Although the camera captures this well, applying makeup in such a way is illogical in real life. Why?

Bennet argues that many women wear exaggerated makeup that, instead of enhancing their beauty, turns their skin into a canvas that resembles a Picasso painting. Colorful eyeshadows with intricate patterns may look beautiful, but the truth is, it's impractical to wear such makeup daily. Over-the-top eyeshadows are primarily for entertainment purposes, designed to capture the viewer's attention. The same applies to makeup application techniques. Take, for example, the practice of applying foundation directly onto the face, causing it to run off and create a mess. It's impractical and unsanitary.

Makeup application doesn't have to be complex

Have you ever tried to follow an influencer's makeup tutorial step-by-step? If so, you would know that these tutorials often use overly extravagant techniques. Instead of applying just one product, they layer multiple ones. An example is contouring, where we apply it wet, then dry, preferably in two shades. Accomplishing these few steps can take several minutes, let alone the rest of the face.

In her video, Bennet brings up numerous odd habits that she does not endorse at all. In her view, claiming that a thick layer of makeup is natural is an extreme exaggeration and downright falsehood. Of course, everyone has the right to apply makeup in their unique way, but maintaining a sense of realism is essential.

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