AutosRenault's electric throwback: The revived Renault 5 EV unveils new details

Renault's electric throwback: The revived Renault 5 EV unveils new details

Renault 5 EV - announcement
Renault 5 EV - announcement
Images source: © Press materials | Renault

12:14 PM EST, December 1, 2023

The Renault 5 EV, one of the most anticipated launches of next year, has been creating quite a buzz. The revamped version of the beloved supermini, now engineered with an electric motor, has drawn a lot of attention primarily due to its striking resemblance to the original. The manufacturer has just unveiled more details about the car.

The Renault 5 is one of the most iconic models in Renault's history. More than two decades after production ceased, the French have decided to resurrect the concept of a small, boxy city car, but with an electric twist.

The concept version was showcased a few months ago, and now, we are eagerly awaiting the production model, set to be unveiled on February 26 at the Geneva car show. Judging by the preliminary announcements and detailed photos, it should not deviate significantly from the concept model.

Renault has shared a few renderings online depicting the headlight, rear lamp, bonnet, and fender. These elements all possess a daring, expressive design, intended to highlight the unique character of the vehicle.

Renault 5 EV - announcement
Renault 5 EV - announcement© Press materials

The new Renault 5 model is poised to be one of the most stylish urban vehicles on the market, especially the more aesthetically aggressive Alpine variant that is planned for release. Yet, we'll have to wait a while longer for specific details about the power available in individual models. At present, we know that the car will feature a 52 kWh battery, which is expected to provide approximately a 248-mile range.

The proposed price point also seems appealing. Renault aims to price the base version at around 25,000 euros (approximately $27,000). So, will these expectations become reality? One will know the answer in just a few months.

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