AutosRelive the golden era of rally racing. Classic Group B footage from the 1986 Monte Carlo Rally released on YouTube

Relive the golden era of rally racing. Classic Group B footage from the 1986 Monte Carlo Rally released on YouTube

Group B Rally Cars in action during the Monte Carlo Rally 1986
Group B Rally Cars in action during the Monte Carlo Rally 1986
Images source: © Youtube | Passats de Canto

10:06 AM EST, December 27, 2023

Rally cars are one of the most exhilarating and also the most popular types of motorsport. Drivers rocketing at speeds of over 124 miles per hour on narrow, unpaved roads, the approachability of the sport to fans, as well as the low barrier to entry for racing amateurs - these features continue to uphold the widespread intrigue for rallies.

However, inquire about the "golden era" among enthusiasts, and they're likely to bring up Group B. Though these regulations were only in play in the WRC for a brief 5-year window from 1982 to 1986, it became the pinnacle of technical advancement and speed, primarily due to the lax sports regulations.

Simultaneously, pursuing this performance pushed the cars to their limits, quickly making them lethal machines that caused numerous tragic accidents. These incidents marked the end of Group B, yet the memory of this era endures among rally fans.

We are confident that fans of rallies will appreciate the video below. The Passats de Canto channel, known for its coverage of contemporary and historical rallies, has released a program featuring the 1986 Monte Carlo Rally, initially crafted by Teleport television.

Without a doubt, the video, launched on December 15, 2023, is a must-watch for rally enthusiasts, particularly those who admire Group B. In addition to watching legendary models maneuver through assorted weather conditions, you can also soak in the unmatched ambiance of classic rallies. We highly recommend taking a look!

Rallye Monte-Carlo 1986 | Group B [Sideways Passages] (Telesport)

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