LifestyleRejuvenate your skin daily with a facial roller: The small gadget with major spa-like benefits

Rejuvenate your skin daily with a facial roller: The small gadget with major spa‑like benefits

Rolling your face should become your new ritual.
Rolling your face should become your new ritual.
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7:20 AM EST, January 28, 2024

You might already be familiar with the gadget we're referring to. A facial roller, also known as a massager, can become an essential item in everyone's daily skincare routine. The ease of use and an extensive list of benefits resulting from facial massage should be more than enough to convince you!

What benefits does facial rolling provide?

   · Stimulates blood and lymph circulation,

   · Reduces swelling,

   · Eliminates dark circles under the eyes,

   · Narrows pores,

   · Smooths wrinkles,

   · Enhances skin firmness,

   · Leaves the skin smooth and pleasant to touch,

   · Enhances the absorption of active substances in skincare products,

   · Relaxes.

Most of these benefits, besides the relaxing effect, result from the stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. This enables swellings to reduce, minor wrinkles to become less visible, and dark circles under the eyes to lighten. Improved blood and lymph circulation enhance the body's natural detox process, thereby improving overall skin condition.

Don't expect instantaneous results after using the roller just once. Regular usage is required to truly experience the benefits of facial rolling.

How should you roll your face?

The instructions for a proper facial massage might seem lengthy and complicated, but they become simple after a couple of uses. Each movement described below should be repeated 5-10 times. Placing the roller in the fridge beforehand can make the massage even more enjoyable.

1.   Start by applying a few drops of your favorite oil or serum to your face and neck.

2.   Massage the area above and below the collarbone, moving from the middle to the outside.

3.   Move to the neck, making gentle movements from the bottom towards the chin.

4.   Then start from the center of the neck and move in a zigzag pattern towards the ear. Continue this motion across the neck (both sides) and chin.

5.   Next, massage your jawline using the roller.

6.   Perform a full jaw massage from the chin to the ear.

7.   Proceed with massaging your lips by moving from the inside outwards.

8.   For your cheeks, move from the base to the top and from the nose to the ear, also make a semicircular movement from the nose to the temple.

9.   Ensure you massage the side of your face, moving from the jaw to the temple.

10.  Don't forget about the nose. Use short strokes to massage the lobes.

11.  Use the smaller end of the roller to massage the area under your eyes and the eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye and moving towards the ear.

12.  For the forehead, start by massaging the area between the eyebrows.

13.  Then perform strokes starting from between your eyebrows towards your hairline. Massage your entire forehead in this manner.

14.  Finally, move to the hairline, rolling the device horizontally toward the ear, also touching the temple.

Ensure that you clean your roller regularly. However, avoid submerging it completely in water. Wipe the roller with a damp cotton pad. Frequent cleaning prevents bacterial growth on the roller.

How often should you roll your face?

The ideal practice is to perform this massage daily, in the morning and evening. Morning massages help reduce any lingering puffiness from sleep, and the evening massages enhance the effectiveness of your nighttime skincare routine (essential because evening care tends to be more nourishing). However, we understand time restrictions may hinder daily use, so we recommend using the roller at least 5 times a week.

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