LifestyleRedefining toilet bowl cleanliness: Ditch the supermarket chemicals for an effective DIY solution

Redefining toilet bowl cleanliness: Ditch the supermarket chemicals for an effective DIY solution

A special mixture will clean the dirtiest toilet bowl.
A special mixture will clean the dirtiest toilet bowl.
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8:53 AM EST, February 7, 2024

Maintaining bathroom cleanliness is not easy. We use it multiple times a day, which leads to the accumulation of harmful bacteria and viruses in the toilet bowl. These don't merely disappear with a flush. Worse yet, the accumulated dirt can become airborne, contaminating the floor and walls and leaving an unsightly residue.

Apply the paste, then rinse. You'll have a shining toilet bowl

Dirt combined with hard water results in the formation of rusty stains. Often, aggressive supermarket chemicals fail to tackle these stains. Specialist gels and liquids can also be expensive and environmentally unfriendly. You can limit their use by preparing your own whitening mixture.

To attain better results with limescale removal, you could try combining a smidgen of standard toilet cleaning gel with toothpaste and mouthwash. This mix is potent in effective old dirt removal and leaves behind a pleasantly fresh scent. The key to an effective mixture is getting the proportions right.

Pour two tablespoons of mouthwash, four tablespoons of toothpaste, and a small amount of toilet cleaning liquid into a plastic or glass container. Mix these components thoroughly, then apply the resultant mixture to the areas of the toilet bowl affected by limescale. Ideally, you should apply this just before leaving for work or at night, giving the mixture ample time to work.

Finish the process by scrubbing the toilet bowl with a brush to eradicate the traces of limescale. After a thorough flush, you should be left with a noticeably clean and shiny toilet, free from rusty stains.

DIY methods to clean a toilet bowl

There is another way to get rid of stubborn sediments: by pouring a carbonated cola drink into the bowl since it contains carbonic acid. This is likely to eliminate all dirt within an hour. DIY enthusiasts also value a blend of vinegar, salt, and laundry detergent. This mixture not only deals with stains swiftly but also refreshes the toilet simultaneously.

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