LifestyleRed nails are going out of style. Another color is making a splash

Red nails are going out of style. Another color is making a splash

Forget about red nails. Something else is in vogue.
Forget about red nails. Something else is in vogue.
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2:26 PM EDT, October 18, 2023

The seasons make us most often reach for nail polish colors that match the aura outside the window. In the spring it's pastels, while neons are popular in the summer. What should appear on our nails in the fall?

Red nails are always a good choice, but it is worth considering some different colors in the fall. When the leaves fall from the trees, we think of browns or burgundy, however, this season, manicurists have another idea. This autumn, green (in various shades) is dominating on the nails.

Green nails are the hit of autumn

These won't be intense shades of grass or refreshing lime color. Autumn aura is a time for bottle and olive green. This manicure will work regardless of the shape of nails. It's elegant and feminine, and moreover very universal. 

Shades of green complement many autumn styles. Olive looks incredibly with beige trenches, and bottle green works well in the evening. It's an extremely elegant color that can be an alternative to not only red, but also black.

Olive manicure

The olive color will work both solo and in the company of other colors, like white or pink. You can choose one color for all nails or go for original geometric patterns - the choice is yours.

Another interesting idea is also a french manicure using olive nail polish.

Green "squoval" nails are equally unique, visually elongating and slimming the hands. It's a compromise between square and almond shaped nails. It's worth reaching for an olive nail polish, and then applying a matte top coat over it.

This season, short nails are also in fashion. You can spice them up with minimalist designs. Combine olive with powder pink.

Manicure in the color of bottle-green

This noble color looks perfect with a glossy finish. However, this does not mean that you have to give up a matte top.

You can adorn a deep shade of green with gold patterns or small transfer foil stickers.

The bottle-green also goes well with a touch of glitter. You can place it on one nail, a small fragment or... everywhere. You can never have too much sparkle!

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