NewsRecord temperatures in Greece claim the lives of tourists

Record temperatures in Greece claim the lives of tourists

Mandaraki village near Corfu in Greece. Here, another body was found on the beach.
Mandaraki village near Corfu in Greece. Here, another body was found on the beach.
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8:06 AM EDT, June 17, 2024

Record-high temperatures in Greece are taking a deadly toll on tourists who decide to spend their vacation on the islands despite the heat. Local media reported that on Sunday, in the town of Mandaraki, the body of another victim was found. This time, it was an American tourist who had been missing since Thursday, June 13.

During the day, temperatures in Greece regularly exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this, many tourists venture outside without proper headgear.

Such extreme weather conditions are increasingly taking a deadly toll. Media worldwide have been reporting deaths from heat exhaustion among tourists for several days.

There have been tragic events during the hot days since early June in Greece. Already, seven foreign tourists have lost their lives while hiking. The latest victim, the American who had been missing since Thursday, was reported dead on Sunday, June 16, by Dailymail.

The body of the missing man was found on a rocky beach on the small Greek island of Mandaraki by another tourist. Earlier, his disappearance had been reported by his host, a friend of Greek-American descent.

According to reports, the man was last seen on Tuesday in a local cafe in the company of two women.

This is already the seventh victim of the Greek heatwave in recent times. On Saturday, the fire department found a 74-year-old Dutch tourist lying face down in a ravine about 984 feet from where he was last seen a week ago.

Last week, Dr. Michael Mosley, the beloved British television presenter, and columnist, was also found dead on the island of Symi after collapsing during a hike. Additionally, on the Cyclades island of Amorgos, searches are ongoing for a 59-year-old American tourist who went missing last Tuesday.

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