NewsRecord jackpot in Powerball. Lucky ticket made the player a multimillionaire

Record jackpot in Powerball. Lucky ticket made the player a multimillionaire

Record jackpot in Powerball. Lucky ticket made the player a multimillionaire
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6:02 AM EDT, October 13, 2023

A California resident became an American multimillionaire on Wednesday. All thanks to a ticket in the popular Powerball lottery in the United States. The lucky winner claimed the second largest prize in history.

The lucky Powerball lottery ticket contained the numbers: 22, 24, 40, 52, 64 and the red Powerball 10. The Power Play was 2. A ticket with all these numbers was sold in Frasier Park in California, which is located between Los Angeles and Bakersfield in Kern County - reports ABC News.

Huge win in the American lottery

The lucky ticket holder has thus won the grand prize of 1.73 billion dollars (approx. 1.96 billion dollars according to the current dollar exchange rate). However, the winner will not rake in the entire amount.

The American treasury will also deduct its share from the winnings. Some of the funds will also go towards various fees. The player will ultimately receive about $756.6 million (around $880 million), if they choose a lump sum cash payout.

In addition, one of the players in Florida won 2 million dollars. Another five from California, Indiana, Oregon, and Virginia each won 1 million dollars.

It was the second-largest Powerball lottery win. The record was set in November 2022, also in California. At that time, the winner took home a gross of $2.04 billion.

Additional salary or a huge cash injection

Powerball winners can collect their money immediately as a one-time lump sum payment, but then the prize money is less. Another option is 30 one-time payments spread over 29 years.

Powerball coupons cost 2 dollars and are sold in 45 states of the USA, as well as in Washington, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.

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