LifestyleRecord-breaking tourism: Italy set for summer surge of foreign visitors

Record-breaking tourism: Italy set for summer surge of foreign visitors

Crowds of tourists in Italian cities no longer surprise anyone.
Crowds of tourists in Italian cities no longer surprise anyone.
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3:14 PM EDT, June 2, 2024

In European tourism, records are being broken one after another. The season in Italy is shaping up to be no different. According to forecasts, tourists will book up to 216 million overnight stays in hotels, guesthouses, and holiday resorts between June and August.

According to research conducted by the Tourism Research Center in Florence, half of the tourists who will rent accommodations in Italy during the summer are from abroad. They determined that the number of guests in official lodging structures in Italy this summer will be 1.5% higher than the previous year, which was already a record year.

More and more foreign tourists

The significant increase primarily concerns foreign tourists, including Germans, French, Swiss, Dutch, Austrians, British, and Brazilians. A considerable number of tourists from the USA are also expected to visit.

More tourists than last year are expected to visit Florence and Venice. Due to the crowds, a 5-euro entrance fee applies to the historic center of Venice on selected days until mid-July for those who do not stay overnight.

Research indicates more tourists will also be in coastal towns where the holiday season has already begun.

Boom in Rome

Gigantic crowds are expected during the season and throughout the entire year in Rome. The Eternal City is already experiencing a true tourist boom more than six months before the inauguration of the Holy Year, during which more than 30 million pilgrims are expected.

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