LifestyleRebecca Dakin's journey from sex work to founding a school for better sex

Rebecca Dakin's journey from sex work to founding a school for better sex

A 48-year-old woman set up a "love school."
A 48-year-old woman set up a "love school."
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5:56 AM EST, November 27, 2023

Rebecca Dakin, at 48, is venturing out to open her own school. Located in the United Kingdom, Dakin has spent the better part of her life as a sex worker, starting from the age of 25. According to her, this journey has offered her considerable wisdom about intimate relationships.

Openly discussing her past profession, Dakin believes that the cumulative knowledge she had amassed through her encounters can enable couples to enhance their bedroom experiences. She has recently inaugurated her school, adorned with a Latin motto, translated as "a journey towards great sex". What wisdom does Dakin impart to her pupils?

Adult sex education reimagined: 48-year old establishes a "school"

The UK-native asserts that her years of expertise can help revive the passion in relationships, particularly for those couples battling issues in the bedroom. In her conversation with the editors of the British portal "The Sun", Rebecca offered some valuable advice.

According to Dakin, foreplay holds vital importance, lasting up to 45 minutes for some women. She advises couples to use this time to relax and disconnect from everyday stress.

"Create an ambiance with dimmed lighting, scented candles, and soothing music, or spice things up with seductive text messages throughout the day. Initiate a process that spans several hours," suggests Dakin, as reported by the aforementioned British portal.

Dakin emphasizes the significance of open dialogue about desires with one's partner.

The concept of "Edge Practice"

Founder of the "love school", Dakin proposes a particular method for partners to try together. Dubbed "Edge Practice", this method involves creating a build-up of sexual tension aimed at culminating into an orgasm. It entails enthusiastic arousal of one's self or the partner, followed by a cool-down period. Dakin suggests that this practice can lead to greatly enhanced sexual satisfaction.

The 48-year-old educator doesn't stop there. She also advocates for role play and the use of erotic toys as a means to spice things up.

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