NewsReality of Russian war front: Old, unfit soldiers suspected of self-infliction to avoid combat

Reality of Russian war front: Old, unfit soldiers suspected of self-infliction to avoid combat

This is what one of the Russian soldiers looks like. He was supposed to have been shot by his superior.
This is what one of the Russian soldiers looks like. He was supposed to have been shot by his superior.
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4:32 PM EST, January 30, 2024

Many individuals in the Russian army are ill-prepared for warfare. Criminals, unschooled civilians, and the elderly frequently find themselves facing Ukrainian forces. This is a longstanding issue, symbolic of the conditions within the Russian army since the onset of the conflict.

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In this recent case, a captured Russian soldier - who is older and not in optimum physical shape - expressed that "the commander had shot him in the legs". The exact reasons remain unclear.

The soldier seemingly had genuine fears about engaging in combat. It's suspected that he shot himself in the limb to avoid active duty on the frontlines, a theory supported by Ukrainian officials.

A video has surfaced online detailing a conversation with the injured Russian soldier. Commenters have noted the soldier's advanced age, his poor health, and suspected alcohol addiction, suggesting his prime years may be a thing of the past.

Ongoing conflict at the front, Ukraine seeking to reclaim Crimea

Violent conflict continues to rage in Bachmut, with no clear indication of which side holds the upper hand. Russian officials anticipate a quick expansion of their forces and eventual dominance over Bachmut, Odessa, Mykolaiv, and Kharkiv.

The Ukrainian military, on the other hand, is focused on retaking Crimea. They believed achieving this strategic war aim, mainly destroying the Crimean Bridge, could pave the way to a victory within grasp for Kyiv.

Military expert Peter Chernyk posits that attaining this "ultimate mission" can be facilitated with the aid of the United States. Chernyk reasons that the vast arsenal of weapons and ammunition available to the US could be a decisive factor in ending the war.

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