NewsReal Madrid scores thrice in a row against FC Barcelona, celebrates with GTA-themed tribute

Real Madrid scores thrice in a row against FC Barcelona, celebrates with GTA‑themed tribute

GTA in Arabia. Real's star with a spectacular flag.
GTA in Arabia. Real's star with a spectacular flag.
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5:01 AM EST, January 15, 2024

From the onset of the Super Cup final in Spain, FC Barcelona encountered severe problems. Under Xavi's leadership, the team struggled to withstand Real Madrid's aggressive gameplay, resulting in a devastating defeat of 1:4.

A single goal scored by Robert Lewandowski couldn't salvage the situation for "Blaugrana". The game ended with Vinicius Junior scoring his hat-trick with a penalty kick, while FC Barcelona's goalkeeper conceded a goal from Rodrigo Goes' shot.

We certainly earned our win. We started strong, using a high-set defense from the start. We found Vinicius in a tremendous state, delivering an exceptional performance. This groundwork set the stage for a different game dynamic, with Barcelona managing the ball and seeking opportunities. Despite our best efforts to recover, leading up to a 4:1 score, the game was wide open - stated coach Carlo Ancelotti, dissecting the game afterwards.

Real's Grand Theft Auto Themed Celebration

Having secured their third consecutive El Clasico win, Real Madrid left the field in high spirits. Adding to the celebration, Jude Bellingham emerged with a unique tribute flag, designed in the style of the popular game, Grand Theft Auto, showcasing him and his teammates Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior.

Intriguingly, the banner also featured text styled in the distinctive Grand Theft Auto typeface. The depiction of the three footballers also closely aligned with the iconic graphic style unique to the popular adventure game.

It's worth noting that the previous episode of Grand Theft Auto was released back in 2013. Given that GTA 6 is set to premiere in 2025, fans are facing a more than a decade-long wait to play the successive release. As for the exact launch date of GTA 6, Rockstar Games remains tight-lipped. Let's hope there won't be additional delays.

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