EntertainmentReal-life 'Home Alone'. Boy ends up on wrong flight in dramatic airline blunder

Real-life 'Home Alone'. Boy ends up on wrong flight in dramatic airline blunder

A 6-year-old lived a story straight out of "Home Alone in New York"
A 6-year-old lived a story straight out of "Home Alone in New York"
Images source: © a frame from the movie "Kevin Alone in New York"
3:07 PM EST, December 27, 2023

People enjoy "Home Alone", while recognizing that Chris Columbus's movie is the most implausible of all Christmas films. Their curiosity extends beyond the child's ingenious traps; viewers often ponder how much Kevin's parents would have to earn to afford a lavish house and a trip to Paris for a large family.

"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" may not enjoy the same popularity as the first part, yet it's iconic in its own right. The idea of a child being lost at an airport or boarding the wrong plane strikes closer to reality than forgetting him at home. Such instances do occur in reality.

A six-year-old ended up alone on a plane due to a dramatic airline mistake

In a disruptive incident, six-year-old Casper was on a flight to Orlando, estranged from his parents. His destination was supposed to be Fort Myers, Florida, approximately a four-hour drive from Orlando. He was supposed to be collected from the airport by his grandmother, but nobody was waiting for him due to the mishap.

A 6-year-old lived a story straight out of "Home Alone in New York"
A 6-year-old lived a story straight out of "Home Alone in New York"© a scene from the movie "Kevin Alone in New York"

The airline in question, Spirit Airlines, issued a statement admitting that the boy was "incorrectly allowed on board". The company has offered to cover the transportation expenses to reunite the boy with his family, including payment for his grandmother's gas.

"On December 21, a child traveling unaccompanied from Philadelphia (PHL) to Fort Myers (RSW) was mistakenly allowed onto a flight to Orlando (MCO). Upon discovering the mistake, the child, under the care and supervision of a Spirit team member, was immediately handed over to relatives. We take the safety of all our passengers extremely seriously and are initiating an internal investigation. Our sincere apologies are extended to the family for this unfortunate incident."

Casper's grandmother is demanding an explanation for the mix-up. The boy, who is now traumatized, has resolved never to board a plane again.

6-year-old flying alone was put on wrong flight

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