EntertainmentRapper Julio Foolio gunned down in Tampa birthday celebration

Rapper Julio Foolio gunned down in Tampa birthday celebration

American rapper Julio Foolio was shot dead
American rapper Julio Foolio was shot dead
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8:17 AM EDT, June 24, 2024

Rapper Julio Foolio went to Tampa to celebrate his 26th birthday. In the early morning, in the parking lot outside the hotel where Foolio was staying, two cars were shot at. As a result of the incident, three people were injured, and one was killed. The rapper's lawyer confirmed the artist's death.

Information about shootings in the USA no longer surprises anyone. The desensitization is caused by the number of firearm attacks that take place in the United States of America. On social media, some profiles present daily statistics about shootings. This repeatedly sparks discussions about access to guns and what drives people to pull the trigger.

Julio Foolio is dead

Twenty-six-year-old rapper Charles Jones, Julio Foolio, is a famous artist. Over a million people follow his Instagram profile. The artist decided to celebrate his birthday in Tampa, Florida, USA. Foolio rented a house on Airbnb; however, the number of guests exceeded the agreement, so the police intervened at the location. After the police arrived, Julio Foolio went to the Holiday Inn hotel, where the tragedy occurred.

Around 4:40 AM on Sunday, June 23, Tampa police received information about a shooting in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Tampa North. An unknown perpetrator had shot at two cars. As a result of the gunfire, three people were injured and required hospitalization. The fatal bullet hit Julio Foolio, which the man's lawyer confirmed. Currently, the search for the rapper's killer is ongoing.

The rapper's lawyer confirms the information about his death

Lewis Fusco, the lawyer representing Julio Foolio, issued an official statement. The document stated: "Fusco Law Group has been honored to represent Charles Jones, professionally known as Foolio, for several years. It is with deep sadness that we confirm Mr. Jones passed away early this morning. While these events involving our client, Mr. Charles Jones, have been disclosed by law enforcement, we are unable to provide further comments at this time until additional details become public record. We kindly request that the privacy of Mr. Jones and his family be respected during this difficult time."

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