FoodRainbow trout: a nutritious, affordable alternative to salmon

Rainbow trout: a nutritious, affordable alternative to salmon

Why is it worth eating rainbow trout?
Why is it worth eating rainbow trout?
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10:56 AM EST, January 6, 2024

Rainbow trout also referred to as salmon trout, has been recognized for a long time under a slightly different name - sea trout. Rainbow trout, a member of the salmon family, is also considered one of the most popular species of farmed fish around the globe.

What sets salmon trout apart from salmon?

Rainbow trout, often called salmon trout due to its pink or orange flesh reminiscent of salmon meat, differs from its namesake in several ways. Rainbow trout not only looks different but also has distinct nutritional values. It has a smoothed body and slightly leaner meat than salmon. Another notable difference lies in the pricing of both types of fish — whereas a pound of salmon generally costs around $34, the same amount of rainbow trout is priced significantly lower, averaging around $17-$18.

Is salmon trout a healthy choice?

Rainbow trout can be regarded as a powerfully nutritious, low-calorie fish abundant in high-quality protein. Roughly 3.5 oz of the meat carries about 160 kcal and 24g of protein. Additionally, it boasts an impressive amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids—the highest among all freshwater fish—proving beneficial for the circulatory system, brain, and vision. These omega-3 acids also guard against inflammatory conditions, heart diseases, and cancer.

Salmon trout is also packed with various vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, E, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. While vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, vitamin D strengthens bones and aids immunity. Vitamin E is essential in delaying aging processes, while minerals regulate the functions of muscles, nerves, and hormones.

How can you prepare rainbow trout?

As a delicacy exhibiting a noble taste, rainbow trout doesn't necessarily require many additives. Various methods to prepare this fish include frying, baking, grilling, boiling, marinating, or smoking. It pairs well with herbs, lemon, butter, cream sauce, spinach, almonds, capers, or mustard. Rainbow trout is versatile enough to accompany potatoes, rice, groats, salads, vegetables, bread, or pasta dishes.

Rainbow trout is a healthy and tasty fish.
Rainbow trout is a healthy and tasty fish.© Pexels | Nadin Sh
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