NewsRaid on shopping mall sees Russians finding "willing" recruits for the army

Raid on shopping mall sees Russians finding "willing" recruits for the army

Russian services were looking for military volunteers in a shopping mall in Yekaterinburg.
Russian services were looking for military volunteers in a shopping mall in Yekaterinburg.
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8:27 PM EST, December 11, 2023

Is it possible that a shopping trip to the mall might end with an arrest and mandatory conscription into the army? In the Russian Federation, it's not only possible but is a reality, as shown by a recent incident from Yekaterinburg. Authorities there carried out a raid on a shopping center, apprehending sixteen individuals - all immigrants, who subsequently received draft notices for the army.

Is a trip to the mall potentially hazardous? Can a simple shopping spree conclude with a draft to the army and an unexpected trip to the front line? In Russia, the answer is a definite yes. The authorities are always on the lookout for "enthusiastic" individuals to serve in the conflict with Ukraine. They intensively pursue immigrants, who, in the eyes of the Russian authorities, are expected to replenish the deficits in their military.

This unfortunate destiny befell sixteen individuals caught in a shopping mall in the distant city of Yekaterinburg. The police and army staged a raid on the mall, arresting foreign nationals deemed fit and suitable for military service. All received draft notices for the military, making evasion of conscription near impossible.

Often, they are left without a choice. The alternative to going to war is deportation, typically involving their families as well.

When the autumn draft commenced, Vladimir Putin and his associates were keen to avoid, at any cost, sending draft notifications to young Russians in major cities. To circumvent this, commanders proposed the recruitment of undocumented immigrants for combat roles. There are multiple million such individuals in Russia, predominantly from former USSR countries.

Russian officials exploit this situation for profit via the sale of student visas, simultaneously drawing more undocumented migrants from across Asia. These individuals are now being conscripted as dispensable front-line soldiers, pursued and rounded up for their illegal status in Russia. Induction into the army follows, typically without any choice.

In the Russian army, there are dozens or potentially hundreds of such "volunteers". Deceptively promised a salary of 195,000 rubles (approximately $2,000) per month, these poor people, deceived by the authorities' promises, see this as an opportunity for a better future and legal residence.

The military views these "mobe's" as mere instruments. They are inadequately equipped, poorly trained, and have a singular mission: to attack and attempt to kill as many Ukrainian soldiers as possible. The Russian strategy is to inflict maximum damage on Ukrainian forces and their equipment.

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