SportsRacing legend Carlos Sainz shares the discomfort of wearing diapers in rally cars

Racing legend Carlos Sainz shares the discomfort of wearing diapers in rally cars

Carlos Sainz is after his 60th birthday.
Carlos Sainz is after his 60th birthday.
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8:16 AM EST, February 6, 2024, updated: 4:10 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Carlos Sainz has an extensive competitive history in off-road rallies. Notably, he emerged as the victor in the Dakar Rally in 2010, 2018, and 2020. The unique nature of the long stages typical in off-road rallies can present problems for participants. Having to stop for a “need” can lead to a loss of time, and given the presence of fans along the route, it can also be an awkward experience, with available toilets often nowhere in sight.

Sainz discussed this rather sensitive topic on the "El Hormiguero" show, where he reflected on his personal trial of using diapers in racing cars. Despite trying it out, the 62-year-old Spaniard was not in favor of this solution.

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"There are plenty of people who wear diapers. I tested them once, but I felt very uncomfortable. It wasn't easy to sit down, nor to strap in, so I discontinued use after one try," said Carlos Sainz.

Sainz also shared his strategies for managing bodily needs while on the track.

"I have my rituals. My breakfast is always consistent and I typically drink very little. It also depends on how far the journey is from the camp to the place where the stage begins. If it takes three hours to get there, you know you're able to drink a little more than usual. But generally, I hold off drinking until I start sweating," Carlos Sainz explains.

Sainz boasts a vast range of experiences in motorsports. Interestingly, his sports journey began with squash, but early on he switched his focus to racing. He made his rally debut as a teenager, and most recently conquered the Dakar Rally at the age of 58.

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