Tips&TricksQuick-nosed retriever: The dog that sniffed out the owner's pregnancy complication

Quick-nosed retriever: The dog that sniffed out the owner's pregnancy complication

The dog sensed that danger threatened the pregnancy.
The dog sensed that danger threatened the pregnancy.
Images source: © Pixabay, TikTok | Cparks, britt.welsh

9:08 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:41 AM EST, March 7, 2024

A dog is undeniably a man's best friend. They're affectionate, loyal, and devoted. They'll do anything to please us. Dogs exhibit exceptional empathy and understanding, with some even capable of 'reading' humans and detecting their illnesses.

A certain TikToker shared footage of her dog saving her unborn child's life. Owing to her dog's quick reactions, she successfully carried her pregnancy to term. "I honestly don't feel worthy of him," she divulged again.

Dog detected illness, saving unborn child

Brittany Welsh is a budding TikToker who shares home cleaning and decorating tips on her channel. One of her videos gained particular traction. The video documented an incredible scenario from her life where her golden retriever's actions saved her unborn child's life.

During her eighth month of pregnancy, Brittany noticed her dog acting strangely. He continuously sniffed at her and refused to leave her side, repeatedly nudging her belly with his nose. The behavior was amusing initially, yet after a few hours, she felt something was amiss. Puzzling over what could distress her dog, she arranged a consultation with her gynecologist.

Dog's odd behavior prompted medical check, preventing induced labor

The TikToker was aware that the dog wasn't merely after a walk or attention. She held a belief that the quadruped sensed something unsettling. Deciding to visit the doctor, she discovered during the examination that she had a severe urinary tract infection. Ignoring this could have led to premature labor. Thanks to her dog's unusual behavior, Brittany was warned in time to prevent premature birth with appropriate medication. Consequently, she carried her pregnancy to full term.

This incident isn't unique. Some dogs can sense an imminent epileptic seizure 10 minutes before it affects a human, and even pregnancy — as early as a few days post-fertilization before any test can detect it. Therefore, it's critical to pay heed to unusual dog behaviors, as they frequently indicate potentially detrimental health issues.

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