LifestyleQuick-dry your clothes in an hour with this genius laundry hack

Quick-dry your clothes in an hour with this genius laundry hack

A simple trick will make laundry dry even in an hour.
A simple trick will make laundry dry even in an hour.
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8:52 PM EST, January 19, 2024

The modern rush of life and the excess of duties often make us forget about simple things such as paying bills or hanging laundry. While the first problem can be solved quickly, the second one requires time. Thankfully, the process of drying laundry can be greatly sped up. Find out the impressive hack that can get your clothes dry in just an hour.

How can you speed up the drying process?

Not all of us have a tumble dryer or a washer-dryer. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple tips to manage. After the washing cycle is complete, run the spin cycle again. If the washed fabrics are not delicate (e.g., silk, wool), select the highest possible number of spins per minute. Thanks to a thorough spin drying, the clothes will dry much quicker.

In winter, it's worth laying wet and spun clothes on a hot radiator. If they heat up adequately, within an hour, your clothes should be dry. In summer, exposing them to strong sunlight is recommended, which will make them dry, fresh, wrinkle-free, and wonderfully scented. When hanging clothes, ensure they are properly spread out on the line or dryer to let air reach every part, accelerating the drying process.

Try putting clothes in the freezer, you'll be surprised by the result

How can you speed up the drying process when time is of the essence, and you cannot use the solutions mentioned earlier? Here is where the freezer comes in handy. Paradoxically, cold can also accelerate clothes drying, especially when the temperature is a few or even many degrees below freezing. If you're in a rush to dry a specific garment, put it into the freezer for an hour. After an hour, the garment will be cold but dry. Remember to fold it carefully when placing it in the freezer to avoid unnecessary creasing.

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