NewsQuestioning the capability of Putin's army: Lacking basic necessities, Russian soldiers turn to puddle water

Questioning the capability of Putin's army: Lacking basic necessities, Russian soldiers turn to puddle water

Shocking scenes in Russia. A soldier drinks water from a puddle.
Shocking scenes in Russia. A soldier drinks water from a puddle.
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6:33 AM EST, January 23, 2024

Putin's propaganda has long asserted the potency of Russia's military. However, the Russian failures on the front lines in Ukraine, coupled with their resultant mobilization, bare numerous errors and shortages. Both the rank-and-file soldiers and commanders are finding their situation increasingly daunting.

Individuals mobilized from Russia who end up on the front lines in Ukraine often find themselves treated as expendable. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) revealed that Russian forces are still employing the assault unit "Storm-Z," heavily comprised of prisoners and criminals. Russians are dispatched daily for attacks and suffer considerable casualties.

The Russian army often commits simple errors. Aside from this, soldiers are wanting for essential equipment and even food. In the most recent video, we see a soldier resorting to drinking water from a puddle, an unfortunate reality and indication of the lengths they're forced to go to stave off thirst.

In the brief footage, a Russian soldier scooped water from a puddle into a cup before transferring it into bottles. There are precisely six bottles visible in the video. "Avdiivka area. Second army of the world" reads the accompanying description of the eye-opening video.

Russian military blunders: one mistake follows the next

Russian soldiers have repeatedly disjointed themselves during the war. In 2023, the Russian air defense forces mistakenly downed one of their own multi-purpose Su-35S fighter jets, one of the most sophisticated aircraft in their arsenal.

British intelligence said the incident occurred over Tokmak on September 28, a city roughly 12 miles beyond the front line. The loss of the Su-35S represents a considerable blow to Russia, given its high-tech capabilities and hefty price tag — to the tune of $65 million. By contrast, water gathered from a puddle costs far less.

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