LifestyleQueen Camilla's reputation falters as Prince Harry's book and viral wedding clips spark fresh scandal

Queen Camilla's reputation falters as Prince Harry's book and viral wedding clips spark fresh scandal

Camilla and Karol got married in 2005.
Camilla and Karol got married in 2005.
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4:48 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:42 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Most people are familiar with the love story of Britain's present King and Queen. Despite being in love from a young age, they only married in 2005, after knowing each other for 35 years. In his controversial autobiography, "Spare," Prince Harry reveals that he and his older brother tried to dissuade their father from marrying Camilla.

Camilla as a Stepmother was not Welcome

"Will and I pleaded with him not to proceed. Nonetheless, my father pressed on. Despite the bitterness and sorrow we faced, feeling as if this closed yet another chapter in our mother's history, we eventually accepted that it didn't matter," he states in the book.

Harry also accuses Camilla of leaking information to the press about Prince William's personal life. "Stories about her conversations with William began to surface in newspapers, stories teeming with minor but intimate details. None, of course, originated from my brother," states Harry.

Now, internet users have chosen to make fun of Camilla. They have revisited the wedding of Charles and Diana and started posting snippets of the ceremony on platforms like TikTok. We see Camilla with her then-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, in these snippets.

What did Camilla Wear at Charles and Diana's Wedding?

For the event, Queen Camilla wore a costume and a fascinator in white. It's widely accepted in most European countries that this is a faux pas, and the only person in white should be the bride. This has led many internet users to surmise that Camilla's choice was intentional. The clips also display a seemingly saddened Diana, who seemingly noticed her future husband's lover in the church.

Further adding to the intrigue, some internet users suspect that the Queen's white outfit at Camilla and Charles's wedding was a subtle retaliation for Parker-Bowles's past behavior. Naturally, there are also speculations that the matching white outfits of Camilla and the Queen were merely a coincidence. Regardless, these theories continue to ignite the internet users' imaginations and fuel heated discussions.

The queen in white at the wedding of Camilla and Charles.
The queen in white at the wedding of Camilla and Charles.© Getty Images | Pool
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