LifestyleQatar Airways passengers stranded in sauna-like conditions at Athens airport

Qatar Airways passengers stranded in sauna-like conditions at Athens airport

The travelers spent over three hours in the heated plane.
The travelers spent over three hours in the heated plane.
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5:04 AM EDT, June 12, 2024

Passengers of the Qatar Airways flight, which was supposed to depart from Athens airport, endured a harrowing experience. They spent over three hours in the heat without air conditioning. After enduring this ordeal, they were told to return to the airport.

The situation occurred on Monday, June 10 at the international airport in Athens. Nearly 50 competitors returning from the IFMA World Championships in Muay Thai (Thai boxing) were trapped in the overheated Qatar Airways plane.

It was as hot as a sauna on the plane

The fully loaded plane remained on the tarmac for over three hours, and the air temperature inside exceeded 100°F. Eventually, travelers were allowed to return to the airport. The delay in departure was reportedly due to visible smoke coming from under the plane’s cover.

"Passengers were literally dehydrating and passing out on the plane," said passenger Garth Collins to the Jam Press news agency.

Numerous videos appeared online showing overheated and exhausted travelers fanning themselves with various objects, attempting to get some cool air. Some were soaked with sweat as if they had been in a sauna session. One traveler even took off his shirt, and drops of sweat could be seen on his body.

The plane reached the destination airport the next day

When travelers were finally released from the plane, there was only one person at the Qatar Airways check-in desk to assist those affected by the difficult situation. They were only given a cup of water and a small non-alcoholic drink.

It was completely insufficient to rehydrate an individual after the enforced sauna on the plane,” said Collins.

The plane finally reached the destination airport in Doha around 10:30 AM local time on Tuesday. It was supposed to land at 6:20 PM the previous day.

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