LifestyleQatar Airways bans popular YouTuber after he posts scathing flight review

Qatar Airways bans popular YouTuber after he posts scathing flight review

Youtuber Josh Cahill was banned from flying with Qatar Airways.
Youtuber Josh Cahill was banned from flying with Qatar Airways.
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4:22 PM EST, December 20, 2023

Josh Cahill is a recognized YouTuber, popular for his video reviews of flights on various airlines. He has critiqued carriers like El Al, Lufthansa, Tunis Air, Super Air Jet, and Libyan Wings, among others.

YouTuber critiques Qatar Airways' travel quality

In August 2023, Cahill posted a review of a flight with Qatar Airways on his channel. At the video's outset, Cahill noted his intention to determine if the carrier lived up to its world-class reputation. The title of the video hinted at his dissatisfaction with the airline's service.

"The Shocking Decline of Qatar Airways" – this was the title of the video posted on YouTube. He described his trip as "below average". He agreed that the Qatari airline generally provides its passengers with a higher standard. However, in his trip this August, Cahill criticized the cabin crew's performance, the sanitation of the lavatories, and the in-flight entertainment system.

Qatar Airways blacklists YouTuber from future flights

His critical review resonated with several internet users who commented on the video. Shortly after the video was posted, Qatar Airways representatives reached out to Cahill, offering him a complimentary flight if he deleted the video from YouTube.

When Cahill declined their proposition, airline representatives cited a violation of staff privacy. Their faces were visible in the video. He was asked to delete a comment made by a user claiming to be an airline employee.


Following multiple interventions by Qatar Airways staff, Cahill eventually blurred out the faces of individuals appearing in the video. In response, the airline emailed him, informing him of a ban on boarding their planes for future flights and prohibiting him from making any further flight reservations.

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