Tips&TricksPutting an end to the debate: The 1891 'over the top' toilet paper rule still stands

Putting an end to the debate: The 1891 'over the top' toilet paper rule still stands

The dispute about hanging toilet paper resolved
The dispute about hanging toilet paper resolved
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5:30 AM EST, January 15, 2024

For many, the way the toilet paper is hung in the bathroom provides insight into a person's character. Others, however, react irritably when confronted with a toilet paper roll not hung to their liking. While everyone has an opinion on this, there's only one universally correct method. After today, there will no longer be any need for futile arguments over how to hang toilet paper correctly.

The proper way to hang toilet paper

This was a dilemma that Jackie Vernon-Thompson, an "etiquette specialist," faced. She was embroiled in a domestic dispute over the right way to hang a toilet paper roll. Her husband's unconventional method irked her and was a source of serious friction at home. Whenever Jackie placed the toilet paper with the end pointing upwards, her husband would turn the roll around, equally displeased. This 'battle of the toilet paper roll' would have continued if not for Jackie's unwavering resolve to find who was in the wrong.

Jackie temporarily adhered to her husband's method while seeking the ultimate answer. This approach was deemed the most logical way to prevent the conflict from escalating further.

The 1891 method for hanging toilet paper

What many people may not know is that the way we use toilet paper today was actually established in 1891. The creator, Seth Wheeler, also patented a specific way to hang his invention, aiming to prevent any potential confusion among users. In his drawings, Wheeler suggested that the end of the paper should extend from the top, not the other way around.

Upon uncovering this piece of information, Jackie was relieved to discover that she had been right about how to hang the toilet paper, contrary to her husband's method. Seeing that the inventor's drawing validated her method, there was no longer any room for dispute or debate. Not only did Wheeler recommend this method, but so do basic hygiene principles that we should all adhere to. By hanging the paper in this way, we avoid touching the wall or the rest of the roll when we reach for a piece. Consequently, this method helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, thereby potentially preserving our health.

This is how we properly hang toilet paper
This is how we properly hang toilet paper© Freepik
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