NewsPutin's war decree: Contracted soldiers to remain until ceasefire

Putin's war decree: Contracted soldiers to remain until ceasefire

The Russians will not return home. They have to fight to the end.
The Russians will not return home. They have to fight to the end.
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6:16 AM EST, November 10, 2023

Radio Liberty reported on Thursday that contracted soldiers and volunteers, presently battling in Ukraine, will not be permitted to return home until the cessation of hostilities. This information was provided by Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin.

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Alekander Sladkow, a war correspondent for the Russian state television, who attended a meeting with the Russian leader, shared that both contracted soldiers and volunteer fighters in Ukraine, would not be allowed to reunite with their families until hostilities cease. This includes individuals who signed contracts with the Ministry of Defense, as well as those who were mobilized.

Putin mandates soldiers' return only post-war

Official details of this meeting were not released by the Kremlin. Aside from journalists, the so-called war bloggers, who convey the conflict from the Kremlin's propaganda viewpoint, also attended – Radio Liberty provides these details.

Radio Liberty pointed out that, under Russian law, such a situation is feasible. Putin's partial mobilization decree from September 2022, which prevented those with valid contracts with the Ministry of Defense from leaving their service location, hasn't been repealed. Now, according to Putin's statement, this prohibition will extend to all combat participants, inclusive of those mobilized under the 2022 decree.

However, certain circumstances could prompt a discharge from service, like war-inflicted injuries, illnesses, reaching retirement age or the birth of a third child.

"No rotation" policy sparks controversy

Radio Liberty also mentioned a statement from September by the State Duma Defense Committee Chairman, Andrey Kartapolov, that no rotation of mobilized personnel would occur.

This implies that anyone called on as part of the mobilization must remain in the war zone till the end. This decision has incited fury amongst the families of those drafted, who frequently implore the authorities to bring their loved ones home and enlist new soldiers.

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