News"Putin's Units" fight with Halloween. Bizarre video on the internet

"Putin's Units" fight with Halloween. Bizarre video on the internet

Halloween is not a holiday for the members of "Putin's squads".
Halloween is not a holiday for the members of "Putin's squads".
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10:33 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

Vladimir Putin still has many supporters among ordinary Russians. They are supported by, among others, older people living on the Russian periphery. These people fight not only with Ukraine but also with Western culture. Now "Putin's forces" are tackling Halloween.

A peculiar video has surfaced online, showing how elderly Russian women, referred to as "Vladimir Putin's army," tackle Halloween. These women are warning their fellow citizens about the "dangerous influence of Western holidays."

In the recording, we see women destroying attributes associated with "Ghost Festival" such as characteristic witch hats or pumpkins.

Putin's army women attack a U.S. holiday

Russian women also speak out decisively about the approach to Halloween and the celebration of this holiday, which is mainly for entertainment.

What is this? We, Putin's divisions, are categorically fighting Halloween. It is a pagan holiday of Celtic origin. Today it is commercialized and promoted by the United States, increasing the sale of US products. By celebrating Halloween you are financing the West and making someone out there richer - says one of the women interviewed.

Another woman speaking in the recording believes that "true Russian patriots celebrate only Russian holidays". She also adds that "Halloween is definitely unnecessary in Russia and confuses the minds, especially of the youngest".

One of the women speaking refers to Christian values. She does not take into account the fact that "Christian values" are also far from Vladimir Putin, who is responsible for numerous murders of Ukrainian civilians.

We are against American holidays. Ours are enough. This is definitely a less Christian holiday - says the Russian woman speaking on the recording.

Women also say that "Americanization negatively affects young people".

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