NewsPutin's strange behavior. What is he doing with his watch?

Putin's strange behavior. What is he doing with his watch?

Vladimir Putin's peculiar behavior
Vladimir Putin's peculiar behavior
Images source: © X | @Gerashchenko_en

2:34 PM EDT, October 31, 2023

The media have been abuzz in recent days with conjectures about Vladimir Putin's health. New material featuring the Russian President once again shows disconcerting behavior.

Once again Vladimir Putin has made sensational headlines in the media. Over several days, stories have surfaced about heart attacks, intensive care unit stays, and even his alleged death. Regardless of the validity of theories about Putin using body doubles, it appears the Russian president is alive.

The leader of the Russian Federation, for instance, addressed the recent riots in Dagestan on Monday. Observing Putin's appearance and behavior, it's undeniable that his health has been deteriorating gradually. Setting aside reports of cancer or heart disease, many of his antics appear truly alarming, including the recent incident.

A recent video featuring Vladimir Putin was published on Anton Gerashchenko's profile on X (previously Twitter). The Russian president abruptly starts...removing his watch in the video. He then placed it on the table and continued his speech unaffected.

Putin and his watch: it isn't the first time he's had trouble

Gerashchenko, who released the Putin recording, also cited a tweet from August 2023. It captures Putin attempting to check the time on a nonexistent watch as he looks at his bare left hand.

Putin was oblivious to the fact that his watch was on his right hand. This is evident when he raises his right hand, pen in hand, to scratch his head. Some propose that these could be symptoms of early stage dementia, a theory supposedly confirmed by other photos and videos featuring Putin.

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