NewsPutin's Secret Palace Upgrade: A Private Chapel Unveiled

Putin's Secret Palace Upgrade: A Private Chapel Unveiled

Putin renovated his palace. Now, instead of rooms of luxury and entertainment, a private church has been set up there.
Putin renovated his palace. Now, instead of rooms of luxury and entertainment, a private church has been set up there.
Images source: © Nawalny Foundation

7:44 PM EDT, May 8, 2024

A hidden camera has once again revealed the interiors of a residence on the Black Sea coast near Gelendzhik, in Russia's Krasnodar region. The billion-dollar retreat belonging to the Russian leader has undergone further modifications. Among its lavish amenities, a private chapel has now been added. The space, once possibly envisioned for nightlife or entertainment, has been transformed into a room for prayer, highlighting its significance within the property.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), established by the now-deceased opposition leader Alexei Navalny, recently published new photos inside Putin's residence. Navalny was instrumental in revealing this extravagant project, challenging the official claims and demonstrating that the estate belongs to Vladimir Putin.

The Foundation's latest online report unveils previously unseen residence details. The documentary, which highlights recent renovations, was released just hours before Putin started his fifth term as president.

In 2021, following Navalny's exposé of Putin's palace, it was publicly claimed by billionaire and Putin associate Arkady Rotenberg. He described it as his own investment, planning to convert it into a hotel. Yet, years later, access to the opulent interiors remains exclusive, closed off to even the wealthiest of guests.

Navalny exposed how state resources funded the construction of the grand residence, including access roads and outfitting the mansion and the vast estate with vineyards and stables. The misuse of funds is ongoing, potentially amounting to billions of dollars.

A Chapel for Putin's Palace

According to reports by independent Russian media outlet Meduza, state funds continue to support the construction, renovations, and upkeep of the Gelendzhik palace. State corporations covertly finance the project under various pretexts.

The residence is opulent, boasting swimming pools, a music hall, dining rooms, baroque bedrooms, fountains, and a casino. The latest revelations also include additional rooms.

The new additions include a secluded chapel featuring a wooden chair and a small altar. It houses icons of Saint Vladimir the Great, celebrated for uniting Ukraine and Russia a thousand years ago.

This conversion to a place of worship from its previous leisure-oriented function indicates the leader's newfound display of religiosity.

The renovations were carried out discreetly. Workers were brought in on chartered buses and underwent thorough checks before granting access. They were barred from using phones on the premises. Despite these restrictions, footage revealing the chapel and other interiors has surfaced.

Source: FBK, Meduza

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