NewsPutin's rumored mistress Kabaeva suffers reported mental crisis

Putin's rumored mistress Kabaeva suffers reported mental crisis

Putin's mistress flew into a rage. He calmed her down... with an injection.
Putin's mistress flew into a rage. He calmed her down... with an injection.
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8:42 AM EST, November 28, 2023

Alina Kabaeva, unofficially recognized as Vladimir Putin's mistress and the mother of his children, recently experienced a substantial mental breakdown, according to media reports. It is believed that this incident, which involved erratic behavior and the destruction of dinnerware, may have been triggered by rumors of President Vladimir Putin's death.

Alina Kabaeva has long been rumored to be Vladimir Putin's mistress. Some years back, the "Moskovskij Korespondent" newspaper reported that Putin's divorce from Ludmila was due to his relationship with the gymnast. Following this, the newspaper was abruptly shut down and the Kremlin vehemently denied the rumors.

Vladimir Putin's alleged mistress was honored at a sports festival bearing her name last year. At the event, she posed against a backdrop featuring the letter "Z", largely associated with Russian nationalism and the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Kabaeva is presently reported to reside either in Switzerland or a modern Siberian nuclear bunker. The US, along with other countries, is keeping a close eye on her situation, considering imposing sanctions against Putin's supposed mistress.

Previous reports detailed how Alina Kabaeva, Putin's long-time partner and alleged mother of his four children, had been placed under house arrest. This occurrence was said to have been a result of rumors speculating Putin's death a few weeks ago.

Breakdown of Putin's Alleged Mistress

An ex-general of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia recently disclosed the precarious mental state of Putin's reputed mistress.

During a meal, Alina began to randomly destroy dinnerware and throw utensils, followed by an episode of hysterical crying. Security officers at the scene attempted to pacify her and called in a medical team. It took concerted efforts from the security team to subdue her and allow the medical team to administer a calming injection - as spotted in social media accounts.

The retired general further suggests that the drastic shift in Kabaeva's lifestyle could have had a significant impact on her mental state, as she transitioned from a first lady to a confined individual.

Alina was assured of improvements in her detention conditions. It was reported that she was given monitored communication permissions with friends and family - he declares.
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