TechPutin's prized T-90M tank bested by Ukrainian forces in intense Avdiivka fighting

Putin's prized T‑90M tank bested by Ukrainian forces in intense Avdiivka fighting

M2A2 Bradley vs T-90M.
M2A2 Bradley vs T-90M.
Images source: © Youtube | Militarnyj

9:46 AM EST, January 13, 2024

This almost uncanny duel likely took place close to Stepnoe, which provides Ukrainians control over supply routes for the defenders of Avdiivka.

In the footage below, a Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) can be seen firing automatic cannon rounds at a Russian T-90M tank. Simultaneously, the tank is attacked by an FPV drone carrying an anti-tank grenade. The shelling damages something, causing the tank driver to panic and eventually get stuck alongside a treeline while trying to escape. After the vehicle becomes immobilized, the driver attempts to flee on foot.

It is surprising to see the inaccuracy of Russia's latest tank, which repeatedly misses the Bradley at close range. An explanation for this could be that the tank is a variant from new production equipped with lower-quality replacements for the fire control system, along with an inexperienced crew. The Bradley's fire could also have damaged the sights of the T-90M tank gun, making the shots "blind".

M2A2 Bradley ODS vs T-90M

On the other hand, one might wonder why the Bradley crew didn't utilize an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) TOW-2B instead of firing from the automatic cannon, which has limited anti-tank capabilities. The reason could be that the Bradley needed to remain in motion, making it a more challenging target. These ATGMs can only be fired from a stationary position.

Moreover, ATGMs have a minimum range below which they cannot operate. For the TOW-2B, it is about 657 feet or 213 feet for newer versions. The M2A2 Bradley ODS may have already deployed its two missiles at other targets earlier.

M2A2 Bradley ODS: the old nightmare of Iraqi tankers now instils fear in Russians

The Ukrainians received the M2A2 Bradley ODS, a version of the A2 model from the 1980s, from the US. This model features improved optoelectronics with newer-generation thermal imaging and an updated laser rangefinder.

The base model is the 27-ton M2A2 Bradley, which can be further reinforced with BRAT reactive armor. Such protection allows the front armor to effectively resist fire from 2A42 automatic cannons with 30 mm caliber or anti-tank grenades from RPG-7 grenade launchers. On the other hand, the vehicle's sides can withstand fire from large-caliber machine guns, KMR caliber 14.5×114 mm.

The vehicle's armament comprises a combination of an M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon of 25 mm caliber with a rate of fire of 200 rounds/min and an effective range of about 1.2 miles. Different ammunition options are available, such as anti-tank and shrapnel-incendiary. In addition, the crew has a machine gun in caliber 7.62x51 mm NATO and a dual launcher of anti-tank guided missiles BGM-71F (TOW 2B), enabling the destruction of tanks at a distance of up to 2.3 miles.

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