NewsPutin's Power on Rails: Advanced T-90M Tanks Roll Toward Battlefront

Putin's Power on Rails: Advanced T‑90M Tanks Roll Toward Battlefront

Bad news for Ukraine. A huge tank transport is heading to the front.
Bad news for Ukraine. A huge tank transport is heading to the front.
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3:52 PM EDT, May 8, 2024

The T-90M Proryw-3 tanks, among the most formidable assets in Vladimir Putin's arsenal, are on the move. Recent reports indicate that a train loaded with these advanced Russian tanks has departed from the manufacturing facilities in Nizhny Tagil, destined for the front lines where they are anticipated to bolster the westward offensive.

On Monday, May 6, a convoy carrying T-90M Proryw tanks rolled out from the Tank Plant in Nizhny Tagil, as confirmed by plant representatives. This marked another significant dispatch to enhance the Russian military's capabilities.

While the precise quantity of tanks in this consignment remains unspecified, it follows closely on the heels of a shipment of T-72B3M tanks dispatched just a week prior.
The diligent efforts of the Nizhny Tagil plant's team ensure the timely and quality delivery of advanced military technology to the troops, showcasing their commitment to maintaining a steady output of defense-related products.
This represents the Kremlin's largest deployment of armored power in the last two months. Experts interpret this movement as a sign of Russia marshaling resources for another potential offensive, indicating a significant accumulation of new equipment ready for combat deployment directly from Russian factories.

According to the Bulgarian Military portal, this influx of hardware signifies Russia's ongoing capacity to produce its most advanced machinery. Yet, whether the reinforcements are entirely new units or include upgraded models remains uncertain.

Modern Russian tanks are heading to the front

Introduced to the Russian armed forces in 2020, the T-90M Proryw-3 symbolizes the pinnacle of Russian tank development. According to the "The Military Balance 2022" report, Russia possessed only 67 advanced models by the end of 2021. These tanks represent a significant evolution from the T-90A, an advanced version of the T-72B.

The manufacturer touts these tanks for their enhanced performance against kinetic penetrators APFSDS-T and their capability to counteract shaped charge projectiles with tandem warheads. However, Ukrainian forces have exposed vulnerabilities in the T-90M Proryw-3's design, demonstrating their ability to destroy these tanks effectively.
Furthermore, the Russian design incorporates 7.62 mm and 0.50 inch machine guns. Its power unit, producing 1341.02 hp, enables the T-90M Proryw to reach a top speed of 40.39 mph. Nonetheless, this speed is insufficient to evade drones, which have increasingly become a significant threat to Russian machinery on the battlefield.
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