NewsPutin's peculiar behavior in extensive interview with Tucker Carlson continues to stir debate

Putin's peculiar behavior in extensive interview with Tucker Carlson continues to stir debate

Putin gave an interview. He lost control of himself at a certain moment.
Putin gave an interview. He lost control of himself at a certain moment.

11:44 AM EST, February 10, 2024

On Thursday, an interview exceeding two hours in length surfaced online, featuring Russian leader Vladimir Putin in conversation with journalist Tucker Carlson. The American analyst, recognized for his pro-Russian and pro-Putin stance, traveled specifically to Moscow to chat with his idol.

The dialogue was recorded on Tuesday, and Russian national media covered the interaction extensively. For the Russian public, such attention is a marker of success.

The interview covered a plethora of topics. It included discussions about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, negotiations in progress, potential Russian aggression towards NATO, and the history of Europe, which Putin twisted to suit his narrative.

The Kremlin exploited the conversation for propagandistic purposes, promptly releasing a Russian-language version on the Kremlin's websites from Thursday night to Friday.

CNN Responds to Putin's Interview

As noted by CNN, during the extensive dialogue, Tucker Carlson avoided posing challenging questions and failed to challenge Putin's deceptive propaganda. This was obviously intentional.

CNN commentators noted that those expecting an intense debate were sorely disappointed by the sprawling and erratic interview, during which Tucker Carlson often seemed utterly baffled.

Neglecting to press the Kremlin head on vital topics, like claims of Russian war crimes or the jailing of opposition figurehead Alexei Navalny, Carlson, CNN states, "let the autocrat freely manipulate societal perception and present his account of history".

Putin's Misstep During the Interview

On Saturday, Belsat focused attention on the Russian president's conduct in one of his remarks through a post on social media. This was unexpected.

Did he mess up? Or is this merely Putin's typical conversational style? - this was posted on platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

What exactly did Putin have to say? - You're concurring once again. It's all nonsense, damn it. Who are we expected to engage with [in the West]? I don't get it. We're primed for dialogue, but with whom? - Vladimir Putin fretted. Undeniably agitated, restless, and evidently at a loss due to the ostracism he's met with following his aggressive actions in Ukraine.

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